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Alone by Hollow-Heaven Alone by Hollow-Heaven

They were at least kind enough to drop him in a place with very little snow.

The day started as usual, with a meal, and a greeting of heavy whining and rub downs. Nacoma loved his pack. They were kind to him, they brought him food, spent time with him, and their fur-less flesh was always so warm. He had hoped his life would remain the same, behind the heavy fence, with his sisters and mother just within view, with the little wooden dens in the middle of the enclosure, and the occasional rabbit that scampered beneath the wires. But it wasn't to remain the same, and he was given no warning of the change to come.
When the truck with the large metal crate pulled up, Nacoma was happy. This meant they were going somewhere, and somewhere new was always fun. But his alpha seemed sad. He could tell. It was the way she moved, and it was her eyes... If she had a tail, it would have been tucked, he knew. Did his alpha have alphas?
Nacoma watched the humans from behind the fence. Something was wrong... His alpha and her kind spoke a different language than him, but he could understand enough of it to know if something was good or bad, where he was supposed to go or what he was supposed to do. If his alpha asked him to come, to get into the crate, he would do so happily. But there was another there... a new human, a male, plus many others. He didn't know these humans, and there was something about them he couldn't bring himself to trust. He wouldn't go near them. Instead, he retreated to the corner of his enclosure and pressed himself against the wall. When they entered with nets and began to chase him, he ran, making several attempts at his den, but it was always blocked by another net. Normally he enjoyed a game of chase, but this seemed serious. He didn't like it.
Once they stopped chasing him, he retreated back to the corner, frantically trying to watch all of them at the same time. And he listened. "Do you have to? I can get him if you give me a chance!" "It's for his good- to keep him calm- it won't hurt" they would say. Nacoma didn't understand all of it, but it didn't sound good.
And it did hurt. When the gun clapped, pain shot into his hip, causing him to let out a loud yap and start to bite at his hip. The thing with the red tip fell, but another took it's place, another even more painful. So he ran this time. He made another shot for the den, but again it was blocked.
The world began to blur, and he wanted to keep running, to get away from these people, but the fence stopped him, and then he couldn't run anymore.
Nacoma had no dreams in his sleep. It was as if suddenly the entire world turned black, stopped, then started again.
Waking, Nacoma began to remember what had happened. It was terrifying. Perhaps it was just a dream? No, it couldn't have been. The pain was still there, and he knew dreams didn't make pain.
With a whimper he began to stir. Everything was blurry, and he was having trouble smelling. The wolf panicked, but couldn't act on his fears. His legs had stopped working as well, which only made him panic more. He called out for his alpha. He cried out her name, "Help me, please!" He called. There was nothing. He couldn't even find her scent. There was something around his neck, making it hard for him to breathe and swallow. He wanted this thing gone! Now! It was heavy, and foreign and had an awful smell.
It seemed to be forever before he began working again. His vision returned and his ability to smell. The sounds began clearer, and he could feel his limbs. Trying to stand reminded him of being a lanky pup, when his legs were too long for his body. He fell many times, and the bulky collar on his neck wasn't helping. Nacoma didn't care. He just wanted to find his alpha, or anybody for that matter.
There were human scents though, and in the distance, just as he began to stand, he heard a truck start up and begin to drive away. "No, wait! Wait for me!" He tried to go after them, but his legs weren't ready for running. So he waited. "They'll come back..." He told himself. "I know they will."
Nacoma spent a great deal of time trying to reassure himself that they would be back. He wandered around, sniffing of everything. This new place seemed pretty fun, but also scary. Where was the fence? Where were the other wolves? There were plenty of trees though, and rocks and he could smell water far off in the distance, but he didn't want to leave. What if he got lost? What if they came back and couldn't find him?
So, he went back to his spot, and waited. The sun changed directions many times, his stomach rumbled and his throat itched, but he waited. And then the sun sank, leaving the world soaked in colors. They would be back any time now... Any minute, before it got dark, they would come rolling in and tell him to hop in the back. And he would. And he would go home, have a meal, and go to his den. And then night came, the dew fell and the air grew cold.
And it was then that Nacoma knew he was completely, Alone.

Shew, I haven't done this in a verryy long time.
My first post for :iconwolf--tracks:

-Oh I forgot to mention-
He's been dropped in Big Sky
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